The Lost

My myriad musings. And their refuge.

I remember coming to the decision of creating a blog, and it came about, after a long time of thinking on where to compile what I thought, and what I wanted to say. I would be overcome by these urges where I would be compelled to express myself in words, just for my benefit. And one day I realised that my journals are just not wide, or open enough, to be the avenue where I made my voice be heard. I did want people to be able to listen to me, if they wanted to, and well, here we are. 🙂

A Page

India has an enormous number of languages and despite the large number of people who speak English here, it was never ours. My mother is an English teacher. I assume that is part reason why I fell in love with the language of English and the words and poems. I remember she told me herContinue reading “A Page”

My affair with Bombay

The city has a rhythm, a beat. It’s something you can feel throbbing through the veins of the city, and this is not just empty poetry. Travel by the Mumbai local trains and you can feel the wind drumming it on your cheeks, and weaving it through your hair. Stand still and look at theContinue reading “My affair with Bombay”

The Divide

‘How is it possible to feel nostalgia for a world I never knew?’ Che Guevara, The Motorcycle Diaries Book : Remnants of Separation – 21 Objects from a Continent DividedAuthor : Aanchal Malhotra There was this sudden soreness that I felt as I took in stories after stories that came rushing out of this book. StoriesContinue reading “The Divide”

And then One day

At some junctures in life, like right now, I feel hopelessly down. A problem I have noticed in regard to this is that you don’t really experience the steepness of the slope down which you are walking until that last mile where the slope gives you such a high momentum that you can neither walkContinue reading “And then One day”

Almost Famous (2000)

This is not a movie review. I can’t review this movie, but I’d want people to watch it. I don’t remember why I wanted to see this movie or why I put it in my to-watch list, but I’m glad I did. The movie is caught good. Not your typical coming of age movie. PlotContinue reading “Almost Famous (2000)”

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